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Snowhusky's Crime Scene Report

The Journal of a Connecticut Fur

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I guess I should make a real bio, huh? I'm Snowhusky, and if my name didn't imply it already, I LOVE THE SNOW! I don't care if it makes it hard to drive, if it's a pain to shovel, or if it can cause many adverse health problems, I just love it. It just makes everything look even more beautiful. I suppose I've been a fur for my entire life, I remember I've always liked movies/TV shows that dealt with animals more than the regular ones, and I noticed that as I went on and everyone was starting to watch real life shows, I was still watching cartoons. I found out about the fandom back in 9th grade when I got into the Starfox fandom, then one day while I was searching for fanart, I stumbled onto a community (Furnation) that had all sorts of art similar to it.

It took me until June 2007 to pick a fursona that was really me, and that fursona (Snowhusky) is based off of a husky I fostered a while back. He was really playful, goofy, he was smart, and he was loyal to those who respected him. I've heard the complaint over and over about how there are too many huskies/wolves/foxes in the fandom, but I don't care. People may have picked their huskies because they're cute, and some others may have picked it because it's a popular choice, but I picked mine because of that special guy I fostered.

I have been a target shooter since 5th grade, and I've qualified for the National Championships in Ohio a few times. I've only attended once, but I've been invited 3 times total. I shot for my high school team all 4 years in High School, and my last year, the team won the state championships by 5 points (I was number 4 in the top 5, with a score of 195 out of 200). I participate in the summer High Power league in Wallingford, CT and have made a bit of money thanks to that.

I've been involved in Scouting since 3rd grade, and I ended my scouting career (at age 18, you're no longer a scout, you become an assistant scoutmaster) holding the rank of Eagle Scout. As a combination Eagle Scout/High School Graduation present, my parents bought me a Colt HBAR target rifle that is currently waiting for it's chance to shoot a competition, which it will in the summer of 2008. I try to make it down to the meetings and the camping trips when I can (Another good thing about being an assistant scoutmaster is that you don't have to share a tent with anyone and can be by yourself at night in your own shelter) and help the scouts with badges/requirements/other such. I am hoping to become certified by the BSA and NRA this summer to teach the Rifle/Shotgun/Archery badges.

I am also an avid gamer, I have been since the late Colecovision and Tandy 2000 and early Sega Genesis days. My favorite game series is the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and after playing all of them to date (except the two Rivals games, as I don't have a PSP) I guess I've developed a general appreciation for Sonic games. I get them, not caring if they are good or not. I am a sucker for Platformer games. I really liked the Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, and Jak and Daxter series. I am also a fan of FPS games like Rainbow Six, Unreal Tournament, Half Life, and Call of Duty; I like some RPG titles like anything Bioware makes, Legend of Legaia, and Final Fantasy VII/X; I like third person action games like Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell (though the PC/360 version of Double Agent sucked), and the 360 version of the two Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter games.

I have helped my mother with a local animal rescue group she's a part of for a number of years, which is how we've come to have all of our pets. they were all fosters that we liked so much we had to keep them.

I'm currently in school for Criminal Justice and Investigative Services, and looking at a minor in Computer Science. Many people ask me if CSI was my inspiration for this career choice, and I always say, "No." My uncle was on the state arson squad for a long time, and that is the reason I made this career choice.